Best jeans for a big belly and skinny legs


If you are looking for some jeans styles that would help you look good and gives a perfect fit with an expanse around the belly, here are some of the trending patterns just for you.

We all know jeans are the most widely used clothing pattern which never fades or degrades its value in the fashion industry ever since it has been, launched.

A perfect pair of jeans with the best fit for your figure could be a blessing from the fashion industry.

And yes, the fashion industry and our designers are very well aware of it so don’t worry no matter your size, figure, or preference you will always find your perfect fit.

Let’s first see some patterns of jeans that are considered perfect for the apple shape figure –

1. Skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are one of the most trending patterns of jeans in these past years.

It has gained popularity and now has become a staple clothing for every man and woman wardrobe.

These are super cool for the apple shape body type.

Skinny jeans are a lot more stretchable and can easily fit the big bellies or even big thighs.

So even if you are looking for jeans for big thighs skinny jeans is a perfect choice.

2. Boot cut jeans

Boot cut jeans


Yes! You heard me right the boot cut jeans are back in fashion with some never-fading styles.

These are also known as bell-bottomed to some, which comes wider from the knee and downwards.

These can be the perfect fit for people with big belly and skinny legs as the upper part around the belly, is comfortably wide and the lower half would help you tune with the upper.

These are the best jeans for fat knees as it gives an extra room around the knee.

Always make sure to choose comfort over anything else cause the comfortable you are in your skin more comfortable you will be in your jeans.

3. Trouser Jeans

Trouser Jeans


The comfort lies in the name. Trouser jeans are the most comfortable jeans pattern for people with big bellies.

So if you are looking for the best jeans for body type females, well here is the answer.

The trouser jeans are often high-waist with pleated style and may vary with patterns.

These are a bit roomy through the thighs & calves.

No matter if you have got skinny legs or big thighs, it can be a perfect fit as it would neither look weird on skinny legs nor uncomfortable on big thighs or fat knees.

It comes with a perfect body balance fit.

4. Cropped Jeans

Cropped Jeans


Once you learn about them your wardrobe is going to be blessed.

Cropped jeans are usually shorter in length as compared to the standard trousers.

The length may vary depending on design or pattern. It usually lengths below the knee and above the ankle.

You may find some cropped jeans with an elasticated bottom hem or with a zipper these some of the stylish patterns.

This is the best jeans’ style for a big belly and skinny legs, as you no longer have to care about the hem around the skinny part of your legs.

5. Mid-rise jeans

Mid-rise jeans


Mid-rise jeans’ usually rest around the belly button above the hips.

This is perfectly designed for the big tummy as the waist of jeans lies around the belly button and gives extra support to the tummy.

It does come with skinny fit legs for better figure support.

We have got you some amazing tips and styles on how to dress big belly, skinny legs with jeans –

Tops to pair your jeans with –

1. Drape tops

Drape tops


Drape tops are perfect for the big tummies, as the drape around the tummy preserves from a fluffier look.

Drape tops with a slight length through the waist is perfect to pair with jeans and especially crop jeans.

2. Cardigan Jacket

Cardigan Jacket


Cardigan jackets when paired with a simple top or tee and jeans give a pristine look.

The cardigan jackets often come with the flare at the open front which gives more space and comfort.

Longer cardigan jackets look more stylish and give a smarter look.

3. Front drape jacket

Front drape jacket


Front drape jackets, these are similar to that of cardigan jacket but comes with more space to cover the belly with a twirling hem. These jackets are always best paired with A-line tops, free-size shirts, and long Tank tops.

Important tips to dress your big bellies and skinny legs –

Here are a few important tips and tricks to look more stylish for body types.

- Always prefer clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose.

- Wear trousers with good fit and tops with good space.

- Adding an extra layer with a jacket is always a plus point.

- Never go for tops with shorter length, especially the crop tops and Bardot tops.

- If you are a person of colors, always choose dark colors as it helps you look thinner and glow as well.

- If you are a person of prints, go for vertical prints like straight linings, small checks, etc.

- When choosing printed clothes always go for smaller prints never go for broader or bigger prints as it just widens up the appearance.

- Try out jeans styles with the tops recommended and flaunt every occasion.

Try out our tips and tricks for enhancing your better looks.

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