How to Buy Cheap Clothes Online –

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A question at everyone’s mind, “How to buy cheap clothes online?”

Today we will be sharing the real meaning of cheap buying and some hotspots to buy cheap clothes.

But first, we need to understand, what does it mean to buy cheap?

We get a lot of options when it comes to online buying /shopping. Internet is full of B2B websites, e-commerce sites, and stores that make available many clothing styles with a variety in fabrics, design, color, pattern, trends, brands (international as well as local), and lots of options to filter out our perfect outfit.

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The word “cheap” does not have any definite definition, it is a subjective term for different people. For example, person A could find a $50 shirt cheap but on the other hand person, B could find it expensive and might be looking for something cheaper.

It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect option, especially when you want to grab some of your favorite styles at satisfying prices and discounts, which is considered as buying cheap or buying at a cheap price.

The time we enter buy cheap clothes online, or any custom search depending on our need” in google search, a long list of options comes across our screen, which might confuse us a little.

So in this blog, we will see some platforms and tips that will help us buy clothing at a considerably cheap price which is suitable for both person A and person B.

B2B Websites for buying cheap clothes:

Unlike before, the companies engaged in the production of clothing are now available with their e-commerce stores or at multi-vendor B2B e-commerce sites offering their products in retail to the end customers with some conditions occasionally, like buy a pack of 6/12 or minimum order, etc.

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Let’s check out some of these B2B websites.


Alibaba is the largest B2B portal in the world and holds the most number of businesses than any other commerce site. You can find here all kinds of products which includes clothing.

One can find enough products and companies on it, with the products of their interest at competitive wholesale prices. Depending on the businesses there might be some conditions here on buying as discussed above but a lot of options are open to opt.


TradeWheel is again one of the largest USA based B2B marketplace with several businesses registered here. A good number of local and international brands are available at TradeWheel. It serves a variety of products for buyers at wholesale rates.

These B2B sites offer products at wholesale prices to both wholesale and retail buyers. Apart from this, these websites consist of the contact details and details of e-commerce stores of individual businesses where they provide products to retail customers.

Tip to buy from B2B websites:

On buying products in quantity, many businesses offer a much cheaper price. So to crack this deal one can shop with a group of friends/family and get a cheaper deal.

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Ecommerce Stores for cheap buying –

Some of the most famous e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra serve offers and discounts throughout the year on different occasions.

Some e-commerce stores which goes unseen behind the ads and popularity of these stores are here:


Wish is an America based e-commerce store which provides clothing at a much cheaper price than any other. The reason behind such low prices is, not linked to low quality, but the fact is the products are delivered directly from the factory to our doorstep. This process deducts the cost of the middleman and thus offers products at a comparatively low price.


Romwe is again another online platform that serves clothing starting from as low as $2.

Romwe is purely involved in serving products like clothing and accessories, unlike another platform with a wide range of product categories. Romwe has its warehouses in China, California, New Jersey, Dubai, and Belgium and offers, great deals and clothing at cheaper rates.

Zulily –

Zulily is also an American e-commerce site that deals in products like clothing, accessories & lifestyle. The prices at zulily are comparatively low and, it offers a variety of options to choose from. Zulily is cheaper than Amazon and Flipkart in a range of 0-10$ per item. The distinguishing factor about Zulily offers new merchandise daily.

Tip to buy from retail E-commerce websites:

These e-commerce websites run many offers and discounts on special occasions, seasons, and festivals. So if you are a person of patience, just keep an eye on your favorite outfit and let it rest in your cart until the occasion of offers arrives (which is not more than a month or more away) to grab your deal.

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