How to wear long skirts without looking frumpy?

Well, let’s begin with learning about skirts.

Skirts are the most primitive piece of garment. Skirts are worn as bottom wear in place of jeans, leggings, and pants.

Skirts were worn since ancient times, usually in the draped form but slowly transformed its look with evolutionary changes in fashion and lifestyle.

This is sometimes, some forms or styles of skirts are considered as frumpy or old-fashioned.

Skirts Era: from frumpy to fashion –

Today a huge variety of skirts is found in the market with versatile patterns and designs.

Skirts gained its popularity in the 1950s and a range of pencil skirts and A-line skirts were in fashion. But after some time with the availability of new patterns and designs skirts lost its charm.

The fashion industry has again brought back skirts in fashion, but this time with a lot more fun and fashionable designs.

Today skirts are equally popular and a variety of versatile designs are available in formal wear, casual wear, and party wear.

Let’s take a glance at different long skirt styles that can be worn without a frumpy look –

1. A-line Skirts

A-Line Skirt


A-line skirts are in fashion since the 1950s and had not bygone.

A-line skirts are found to be in full-length, knee-length, and even in short skirts.

These are perfect for elegant ladies and the designs available are enough to nail any party or eve.

2. Circular Skirts

Circular Skirts


Circular skirts are considered to be the simplest form of skirts yet comes with never-ending demand due to its cuter and bubbly look.

Circular skirts go perfect for a bubbly woman full of energy and these are could be worn as casual wear with lots of comforts and low maintenance.

3. Culottes Skirts

Culottes Skirts


Culottes are the combination of loose pants and skirts, which is it dangles like a skirt and but is a pair of pants.

Culottes were traditionally worn by European men from high society.

Today Culottes are available in a lot of variety including pleated style, box-pleated style, and many more for a woman.

4. Flared Skirts

Flared Skirt


The flared skirt is a beautiful design for a woman with an hour-glass figure.

Flared skirts fit perfectly at hip and wider at hem with flare twirling with moments.

Flared skirts have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade and are trending still.

5. Ballerina/Tutu Skirt

Ballerina Tutu Skirt

One of the most beautiful patterns of skirts.

These are traditionally worn by female ballet dancers, but as in fashion today are available from baby girls to young ladies.

These are found in different lengths but the standard length is mid-calf.

Multi-layered Ballerina skirts give an amazing look when worn with a short blouse length top.

6. Mullet Skirts

Mullet Skirts

Mullet skirts often known as a high-low style of skirts are the top-notch style of the 20th century.

Mullet skirts are shorter in length on the front side but longer in length on the backside.

It is the most fashionable pattern of skirts.

7. Denim Skirts

Denim Skirts


Denim skirts are evergreen and in fashion for decades.

Denim is the staple cloth for every wardrobe of men and women.

These come along in different lengths as well from miniskirts to long length skirts.

Let’s see what kind of tops can be paired with skirts and style them to avoid a frumpy look –

Some of the amazing skirt & top combinations are here for a trendier and fashionable look. You can find out here some amazing tops for long skirts.

1. Blouse Tops

Blouse Top

Blouse tops are the most common top-pattern worn with skirts.

But here we will show you some amazing styles of these that would not give you a frumpy look.

Pair your long skirt or maxi skirt with a blouse top belted at the waist. The tops best fitted at the waist gives a stormy look with skirts of any length and pattern.

The blouse top with V-line and stand collar neck will always give space for your skirt to standout.

These are perfect for evenings of get-together or parties.

2. Style your skirt with a shirt

Skirt with shirt


This is one of the universal patterns with the most organized look.

These can be worn formally at work, for office parties or parties with friends it suits all the occasions and all your needs.

A short waist-length skirt with long skirts is a pattern of the trend.

It gives you a classier look and elevates the elegance to another level.

3. Full-sleeve tops

Full sleeve tops

Full sleeve tops can be paired with any skirt pattern may it be flared skirt, circular or culottes these will always enhance the charm of personality.

Plain-full sleeve tops will do wonders when compared to printed or floral.

Pair a white full sleeve top with a blue polka dots skirt and rock the gathering with your look.

These combinations will always help you look younger.

Always get one for your wardrobe as it will never disappoint you.

4. Pair your skirts with Denim Jacket

Denim jacket with skirt


Jackets no matter what they are paired with will always elevate the standards.

A denim jacket, when paired with a blouse top and skirt of all lengths, will give a smarter look and take you miles away from looking frumpy.

A short waist length denim jacket is a must-have for wardrobe.

5. Sleeveless crop top with mullet skirts

Sleeveless Top

If you are looking for a pattern to pair your skirt with that doesn’t make you look frumpy, well! Here is the answer.

The sleeveless crop top with a mullet skirt is all that you need to nail a party or evening.

The mullet skirts can be paired with short tank tops, denim jacket, full-sleeved stop n tee, it will always go great.

Important tips to remember if you want to wear a skirt without looking frumpy –

- Always go for the best-fitted top and skirt

- Avoid wearing an over-sized or loose top especially, with maxi skirts and long pleated skirts.

- Always try to opt for a top that has got better waist fitting.