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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Toys are the fondest part of childhood for everyone. Kids are mostly found to be deeply attached to their toys. We can figure out a lot about kids based on their type of play, their choice of toys, and the way they treat their toys.

The market is brimmed, with some amazing and versatile toys for baby boys, baby girls, and common toys, such as educational toys and many more.


You can see a lot of varieties of toys for kids of all ages. Today there are many different toys available for cute little newborn babies.

1. Rattle Toys –The most primitive yet top-notch toy used for tiny tots are rattle toys for baby. The rattle toys come with some features and elements that produce sound, for example, bell-like sound.

The rattle toys provide a source of stimulation by producing sound. Every time you see a baby cry, you will notice the parent handing over them a rattle toy.

The bell-like sound of rattle toys distract and divert the attention of babies which makes them stop crying.


2. Baby Teether Toys –

The teether toys are found very commonly across the globe. Teether toys are mostly used for babies when they grow teeth.

These are gum-soothing toys that help babies while they are growing teeth.

The sensations in gums at the time of teeth coming out gives an uneasy experience, and these soothing teether helps to manage that.

Teether comes in different amazing, and exciting designs, you may find teether with grips for easy handling. Buy new toys for kids for your baby girls and baby boys with

Teether is mostly made, with materials such as PVC/ Vinyl, Phthalates, BPA, Latex, Lead, Antimony, Cadmium.


Girls are fonder of toys as compared to boys. Girls are also more attached to their toys and would many times carry them for all their lives and get a nostalgia tour now and then.

The variety of toys for baby girls is huge.

The most commonly loved toys by baby girls are dolls. Girls are always seen spending time in fairytales. Dolls, Dollhouses, Mini kitchen are a range of most loved toys by girls across the globe.

Let’s see some amazing girls’ toys –

1. Barbie Dolls & Dolls –

Barbie dolls are love and are loved, by all the girls. Barbie dolls are famous in almost every part of the world.

The Barbie dolls come in some amazing, varieties inspired by Barbie movies.

Apart from Barbie dolls, you can also find out dolls inspired by Disney movies like snow-white, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Mermaid, Elsa & Anna, and many more.

Girls are found to be very attached to their dolls and will be found spending a lot of time with them.

2. Doll House Sets –

Dollhouses are the next favorite of girls after Dolls. As princesses need Castles, their dolls need the castle too. Buy new Christmas dolls for baby girls.

The dollhouse sets have evolved in size and features, today you can see dollhouses of around 2-3 feet tall with kitchen, bedroom, and all the amenities for their dolls.



The range of toys available for baby boys is vast.

The ultimate variety of Sports Cars, Bikes, Remote Control Car and Bikes, Remote Control Robots, Tanks, and Trucks are some of the top-notch toys for baby boys. These toys attract the baby crowd.

Some most trending baby boy toys –

1. Remote control toys –

Remote control toys are very common among kids. Remote-control toys include cars, bikes, robots, etc.

These toys have got an interesting factor; the kids play with these toys in two ways. You will find kids playing with them with affection and enjoying the game and race.


The other type of kids is those who dismantle the toys and get the motors and stuff out of it these creative, minds are more likely to acquire technical skills.

2. Charging Bikes & Cars –

The charging bikes and cars are the toys for kids of the new era.

These bikes and cars fit the babies in, in which they can take a ride all day. A huge variety of these toy cars and bikes is available in the market.


Educational toys are hitting the list today. With time and futuristic-generation parents are giving more importance to kids’ interests and their pattern of learning. Educational toys include loads of varieties, from building blocks, models to some attractive learning toys for kids of early age.


Educational toys are today used in all preschools and kindergarten for better development of kids and also for understanding their area of interest.

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