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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Handbags, purses, clutches, sling bags, or whatever you name them. Today handbags and purses have become an important part of the woman’s attire.

Woman love handbags, they tend to carry half of their routine within the bag. The styles of these bags differ from occasion to occasion.

The trending purses for brides in 2020 are clutches, the young ladies out for fun tend to carry sling bags or zipper wallets, the mid-age woman, or a mother, can be seen with a large handbag with all necessary stuff, etc.


Let’s learn about different handbag and purse style of the woman –

1. Sling bags –

Sling bags are in trend from quite a while. Sling bags are cute smaller in size, designed to carry a cellphone and maybe a zipper wallet together. The slings bags come with a long belt or chain depending on the designs.

These are mostly worn across the shoulder beside the waist or maybe hanging on one shoulder.

Sling bags are very convenient when travelling or driving as one can easily manage to get all essentials thing on hand.

Sling bags are mostly loved by young girls and teenagers.

2. Leather Handbags –

Leather handbags are considered too classy and often used by an older or working woman, but it mostly depends on the lady’s choice.


The leather bags give a classy and formal look. Previously leather bags were commonly found in handbags in black, brown, and mustard colours, but today you can find leather bags with vibrant colours and amazing patterns.

The leather cottontail bag, Jane, Coach Grace Quilted, Bag Michael Kors, Leather satchel are some selected piece of handbags to match your classy look or routine.

3. Clutches –

Clutches are the best fit for occasional use, with some party wear attires. Clutches are smaller and can hold in only a cell phone and maybe an eyeliner or lip liner. Clutches come with some pretty designs and variety of fibre or fabric patterns depending on different styles.


4. Wallets –

Wallets are quite similar to clutches. Wallets are smaller in size and come with different patterns. Zipper wallets, Bifold wallets, Trifold Wallets, Slim wallets, flip-flop wallet, too long wallets, are some of the trending patterns woman prefer today.


Wallets can hold in only some of your essentials like cards, cellphone, money, etc.

Wallets are much slimmer as compared to clutches.

5. Backpack pattern –

Backpack pattern is in the market from quite a time. The backpack pattern handbag often comes with convertible belts, using which one can convert it into a side bag, handbag or a bag back style.

Backpack style handbags are more comfortable as compared to one-sided handbags, as these are spacious and can hold in lot more stuff.

The weight is also easy to carry as the weight is distributed on both the shoulders equally.

Backpack styles are often chosen by, teenagers, little girls, or by a woman out on vacation or picnics.

6. Purses –

Purses come with some of their standard sizes and have got enough space for a woman to take along stuff.

Purses are very common and used by woman of all ages, and professional or non-professional background.


Purses are neither too big nor too small and are available in a huge variety of patterns, designs, colours, prints, fabrics, and with many more customizations.

Woman are very dedicated while choosing the handbags or purses as this is an essential part of everyday routine, from going out to visit a doctor to market, a handbag is a must-have for every woman.

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